Frequently Asked Questions

JBJS Subscriptions Through the AOA 

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For individuals who did not receive a subscription through AAOS

Individuals who subscribe to JBJS through the AOA but did not have a subscription through AAOS, will begin receiving their subscription in March 2017. 

For AOA Members and Affiliates who have already subscribed for 2017

Those individuals wishing to subscribe at the discounted rate, who have already subscribed to JBJS for 2017, will automatically receive a refund from JBJS.

What is included with my subscription to JBJS?

  • 24 print issues of JBJS each year (published twice a month)
  • Online access to the version of record (electronic version) 
  • A comprehensive online PDF JBJS archive dating back to 1889
  • Portable access on smartphones, tablets, and laptops to: 
  • Enhanced CME opportunities through JBJS’s expanded CME delivery platform
  • Automatic enrollment in the JBJS Affinity Program, which entitles AOA Subscribers to a 15% discount on JBJS educational offerings

How do I access my subscription to JBJS online?

To access your subscription, you must be logged into the AOA website. Select JBJS on the top level menu then navigate to access your JBJS subscription .  

Back Issues

Upon request, AOA Subscribers will receive back print issues only for the quarter during which they subscribe.  Within 5 business days of subscribing through the AOA, you will be sent an email verifying if you would like back issues.  You must respond to the email within 5 business days to order any print back issues for the quarter. All past issues are accessible electronically by logging in to the AOA website and navigating to access your JBJS journal

Non-Dues Paying Emerging Leaders

PGY5 residents who participate in the AOA's Emerging Leaders Program do not pay dues. Therefore, residents who are Emerging Leaders will not receive a JBJS subscription package as part of their Emerging Leaders benefits.

Residency Program Subscription

In late spring, the AOA will begin offering JBJS subscription packages to US and Canadian residents through their institutions. More information will become available in late May/early June. 

Version of Record

The JBJS version of record is the electronic version which is found online. This opens up the possibility of some articles only being published online.

How do I access my subscription on JBJS website?

You will only be able to access the journal through the month of March on the JBJS website. After March, if you are subscribed through the AOA, you must log in through the AOA website to get access.

Individuals outside the US and Canada

The AOA is unable to provide individuals outside the US and Canada with subscription packages.