AOA OrthoTalk Video Series

The American Orthopaedic Association produced a series of three OrthoTalk videos, covering current topics in orthopaedics. Presented by leaders in the field, these videos were produced in conjunction with JBJS

OrthoTalk: Leadership

The first OrthoTalk video is presented by Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, from the University of Iowa. In telling his own story, Dr. Weinstein analyzes the attributes of successful leadership. This video is published in conjunction with Dr. Weinstein's March 1, 2017, article in JBJS

Subscriptions to JBJS are included in AOA membership and Emerging Leaders Program dues. Other AOA affiliates can purchase JBJS subscription packages through the AOA

OrthoTalk: Transition to Value Based Healthcare

Kevin J. Bozic, MD, MBA, discusses the state of public health, unsustainable healthcare costs, the quality of medical care, and access to services in the current U.S. healthcare system. This video is part of the OrthoTalk web series.

OrthoTalk: Healthcare as a Right or a Privilege

In this OrthoTalk video, Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, presents the case for universal coverage and asks if healthcare is a right or a privilege. This video is part of the OrthoTalk web series.