iPoster Information

We are excited to announce that for the 2020 AOA Annual Leadership Meetings the AOA has partnered with iPosters for host the Annual Meeting E-Posters. Each accepted poster presenter will receive an e-mail with the information below including details on how to log in and create their poster. If you have not received an e-mail with the information below, please e-mail education@aoassn.org

Your iPoster can include:
  • high-resolution images
  • detailed charts and diagrams
  • slide shows
  • high definition videos
  • audio files

Please note that you must publish your iPoster by June 1, 2020. Publishing allows us to confirm your content will display properly on the screens at the meeting. After publishing, you can continue to work on your iPoster. If you make changes, you don’t have to re-publish; simply click "Save."

For technical questions or help in creating your iPoster, please use the Support Button on the Main Tool Bar of your editing Template.
iPosters Tutorial Templates (4:02 length) 
iPosters Editing Tools (4:35 length) 
Also, check out the Quick Guide, which contains important tips on using the editing tools, as well as the FAQs
If you need help accessing the iPoster Editor Site, please contact access support at access@ipostersessions.com.
Important Note: When you communicate with Support, please use this Conference Code: AOA20120 
General questions regarding the AOA Annual Leadership Meetings can be sent to meetings@aoassn.org or addressed by phone at 847-318-7330.