Support Opportunities

Corporate Support Opportunities for the AOA 2020 Annual Leadership Meetings

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, AOA leadership has decided to conduct its 2020 Annual Leadership Meetings as a virtual event. The Annual Leadership Meetings are the highlight of the AOA year and as we move to a virtual event, it will include the following programming:

  • The AOA Annual Leadership Meeting will include five symposia, the Opening Ceremony, AOA Business Meeting, an Incoming Presidential Address, and virtual posters from June 10-July 21, 2020.

  • The CORD Conference and Own the Bone Symposium will hold sessions in early summer, while the 2020 Emerging Leaders Forum and C. McCollister Evarts Resident Leadership Forum will occur in September.

The AOA Annual Leadership Meetings are the foremost educational and networking organization focused on leadership, academic, and critical issues associated with the orthopaedic specialty. This virtual event offers unique opportunities for corporate support. You are invited to review the AOA 2020 Prospectus for information on the various ways in which you can support the AOA and gain awareness with our nation’s most prominent orthopaedists.

Download the AOA 2020 Prospectus now.

Questions? Interested in a customized sponsorship solution?
Contact Vanessa Lewin, Corporate Relations Manager at

Please note that participation in the virtual 2020 AOA Annual Leadership Meetings for industry representatives is based on the corporate support level of an industry organization for the AOA and by invitation only. This includes Annual Meeting Symposia, the Council of Residency Directors (CORD) Conference, Emerging Leaders Forum, the C. McCollister Evarts Resident Leadership Forum, and the Own the Bone Symposium. 

If you are interested in corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact Vanessa Lewin directly at for further information.


Support Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities

Please contact the Development & Marketing Manager, Vanessa Lewin, at or (847) 318-7480.

Support Opportunities

AOA Annual Meeting

Attendees include approximately 550 key influencers and decision-makers, some of the most accomplished and distinguished orthopaedic surgeons in North America.

C. McCollister Evarts' Resident Leadership Forum

Approximately 200 leading PGY4 residents participate in a two-day, interactive leadership development program. Attendees will get an introduction to communication, negotiation, and  leadership skills that will help them become effective leaders and patient care givers. As recognized resident leaders in their institution, they are evaluating and influencing younger residents.

Emerging Leaders Program/Forum

Nearly 80 Emerging Leaders (ranging from PGY5 through the 13th year in clinical practice) participate in interactive sessions and exercises to help them address orthopaedic critical issues impacting the orthopaedic community. Your support is a way to influence these individuals as they become the orthopaedic decision-makers of the future. 

Leadership Institute

This 3.5 hour, in-depth, interactive workshop is designed to help participants acquire a more effective framework for negotiating the turbulent waters of the U.S. health care environment. Attendees will learn to frame and diagnose a problem and challenge ways of identifying patterns that can lead to innovative solutions practicing and implementing strategic thinking and decision-making to improve leadership situations back in the practice-setting.

Own the Bone Symposium

Until recently, most orthopaedic surgeons have not had the inclination or the means to adequately address the metabolic bone needs of fracture patients with poor bone quality at high risk for recurrent fragility fractures. This symposium offers orthopaedic teams the knowledge necessary to establish and run a secondary fracture prevention program or Fracture Liaison Service (FLS). This symposium draws a large and engaged multidisciplinary audience of physicians, nurses, and APPs.

Council of Orthopaedic Residency Directors Conference

More than 150 Orthopaedic Residency and Fellowship Directors, Department Chairs, and others discuss educational concepts and tangible solutions to changes in orthopaedic graduate medical education. Topics include surgical skills training, patient safety and quality initiatives with a focus on residents, fellows, and DOs—the future leaders within the profession.

Resident Skills Course

Take advantage of having approximately 185 PGY4 Resident Leadership Forum attendees gathered in one location. Hold a skills course, and conveniently gain access to identified leaders of today’s residency programs, and help them build knowledge of your products.Hold a skills course, and conveniently gain access to identified leaders of today’s residency programs, and help them build knowledge of your products. Review Guidelines

CORD Networking Reception

Mix and mingle with Orthopaedic Residency and Fellowship Directors, Department Chairs and others after the CORD Conference.


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Company-Staffed Table

Communicate and display your products and services, in-person, at your staffed information table at the AOA's Annual Meeting. The tables are set up in a high-traffic area outside of the Annual Meeting session.

Electronic Scientific Poster Ad

New in 2017, scientific posters will be displayed digitally on the AOA's Annual Leadership Meeting App, AOA Connect. Supporter logos will display on the e-poster landing page. Post-meeting, e-posters will be saved on the AOA's website, providing extended promotion of your company's support of this activity.

Preliminary Program Ad

The AOA’s preliminary program goes out electronically to all AOA members and affiliated individuals and is posted on the AOA’s website. It reaches approximately 2,220 educators, influencers, young leaders, and multidisciplinary providers across subspecialty, practice setting and career stage. Your ad to be on the back cover (full color).

Mobile App Ads

  • Splash Screen 

    This exclusive splash screen ad will appear after a user starts the meeting app and before the app has loaded. The splash screen brings a high level of attention of a company’s message to participants of the AOA Annual Meeting and Leadership Conferences. The AOA will accept only one splash screen app sponsor.
  • Banner Ads

    Reinforce your products and branding through banner ads displayed on a loop at the bottom of the app. AOA will accept only five banner ads, which will change dynamically as the app is being viewed. Banner ads may be modified or changed even after the app is live.     
  • Push Notifications

    Build deeper, more valuable relationships with customers through push notifications. By engaging AOA audiences with messaging and compelling content that matters to them and will help boost customer loyalty, raise visibility, and drive revenue.

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