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CORD webinars are designed to provide critical content in a timely manner. Whether you choose to participate live or watch a recording, this content will help you navigate new challenges facing academic orthopaedic programs.

Following the live events, webinar recordings are turned into online courses and added to the AOA's online learning platform, the e-Institute, for on-demand viewing. Courses can then be added to your own e-Institute library for viewing at your own pace.  All individuals within a member institution are considered CORD affiliates and can purchase webinar recordings at a discounted rate. Individuals not affiliated with a CORD member institution are also welcome to view CORD programming.

To gain access to the on-demand courses:

1. Click on any course title listed below. 
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3. Once you've added all the courses you want, click 'Proceed to Checkout' to complete your order. 
4. On the checkout page, just click 'Submit Order' at the bottom of the page (Make sure to enter any member-associated discount codes)
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Educational Courses

Development of an Advanced Surgical Skills Course (CME) - Learn advanced techniques to assess surgical skills and give feedback in a more interactive curriculum (recorded September 2017).
Cost: $35 for CORD Affiliates/$45 for Non-CORD Members

Resident Research Planning and Administration - This webinar examines resident scholarly activity requirements and the challenges facing residents and programs (recorded December 2016).
Cost: $35 for CORD Affiliates/$45 for Non-CORD Members

Teaching Patient Safety and Quality Improvement to Residents - This CORD webinar examines the national emphasis on safety and quality assessment projects for both attending surgeons and residents (recorded September 2016).
Cost: $35 for CORD Affiliates/$45 for Non-CORD Members

Hot Topics in Orthopaedic Residency Training - Webinar presenters address four controversial topics: Standardized LORs; Limiting the application process; OITE, do scores matter?; Surgical oversight, balancing the OR and education (recorded May 2016).
Cost: FREE for CORD Affiliates/$45 for Non-CORD Members

New Comprehensive Care Joint Replacement Program
- This webinar provides an overview of the new Comprehensive Care Joint Replacement (CJR) Program and focuses on the opportunities and risks CJR creates for orthopedic surgeons (recorded February 2016).
Cost: $35 for CORD Affiliates/$45 for Non-CORD Members

Remediation, Part 2: Affective Domain Issues - When evaluating learners (residents and fellows), one of the most challenging domain to define and measure is the affective realm. Making meaningful changes to this domain with directed interventions can be challenging. The goal of this webinar discusses the affective domain, defining terms, and providing a role for remediation (recorded December 2015).
Cost: FREE for CORD Affiliates/$40 for Non-CORD Members 

Remediation, Part 1: Cognitive and Psychomotor Problems
- John L. Lyszczarz, MD, Joseph Carney, MD, and Richard Green, MD from the Naval Medical Center - San Diego explore: The indications and framework for resident remediation with emphasis on cognitive and psychomotor deficiency, the mental health spectrum as it may apply to residents struggling to perform adequately, and the process required if remediation fails (recorded November 2015).
Cost: $25 for CORD Affiliates/$40 for Non-CORD Members 

CCC Part 2: Application & Utilization - Program Directors Joshua C. Patt, MD, Gregory L. DeSilva, MD, E. Barry McDonough, MD and Brian Scannell, MD discuss how they use their Clinical Competency Committee data to identify the struggling resident. They emphasized ways to hold the critical conversations that bring important information to the forefront; while discussing what information to share with residents (recorded October 2015).
Cost: $25 for CORD Affiliates/$40 for Non-CORD Members 

CCC Part 1: Logistics & Structure
- Program Directors Russell A. Wagner, MD, Matthew D. Beal, MD, Lisa K. Cannada, MD, Joel L. Mayerson, MD and Alex C. McLaren, MD share how they organize, maintain, and manage the Milestone System and their Clinical Competency Committees from different sizes and types of residency programs (recorded September 2015).
Cost: FREE for CORD Affiliates/$40 for Non-CORD Members 

Residency Program Review & Next Accreditation System - In this recorded CORD webinar, presenters Pamela Derstine, PhD, MHPE and J. Lawrence Marsh, MD focus on the residency program review process as it has evolved with the Next Accreditation System (NAS). It presents details about the process with practical information and data. Moderated by Lisa A. Taitsman, MD (recorded December 2014). 
Cost: $25 for CORD Affiliates/$40 for Non-CORD Members 

Resident Selection - In this recorded CORD webinar, George S.M. Dyer MD, Matthew Graves, MD, Kyle J. Jeray, MD and Scott E. Porter, MD examine strategies and criteria used for resident selection. The presenters discuss the most commonly utilized selection criteria, the relative importance of these criteria, and any predictive value that these criteria may have (recorded September 2014).
Cost: $25 for CORD Affiliates/$40 for Non-CORD Members 

The Resident Interview Team - This CORD webinar examines the selection committee as it relates to diversity, the role of departmental leadership, best practices, and resident members. The presenters use social science literature to examine common methods that are employed in creating the resident selection team. Presenters: S. Elizabeth Ames, MD 
Wayne S. Berberian, MD, Matthew L. Graves, MD, Joshua C. Patt, MD and Samir Mehta, MD (Facilitator) (recorded August 2014).
Cost: $25 for CORD Affiliates/$40 for Non-CORD Members 

CORD: Clinical Competency Committees and Milestones 
- The CORD webinar includes an in-depth discussion on how several programs are managing milestones and CCC's. Program directors discuss how they collect milestone data , how they consolidate the information and the logistics of running the clinical competency committees. This webinar is moderated by Lisa A. Taitsman, MD, MPH.  Additional faculty members are Thomas L. Bradbury, MD, Gregory L. DeSilva, MD, Paul J. Dougherty, MD, and Vasilios (Bill) Moutzouros, MD (recorded December 2013).
Cost: FREE for CORD Affiliates/$40 for Non-CORD Members 

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