Requests for Review, Comment and/or Support from External Organizations


In preparation for any review or comment request from a third‐party organization or governmental body or representative (e.g. ACGME, AAMC, or other similar association/society) (the “Requester”), the following procedure will be implemented to facilitate a collaborative response from the AOA's Council of Orthopaedic Residency Directors (CORD) Institutional Membership and/or other AOA stakeholders.

Review and Comment

    1. Staff will review the document highlighting any challenges that need to be addressed and/or will suggest any needed modifications to any current standard
    2. Based on the submission due date provided by Requester, the responsible staff liaison will create a timeline for the pertinent membership group review and comment to meet requested response deadlines.
    3. Staff liaison will send the document for review and comment with a timeline to the responsible Committee Chair and other appropriate liaisons/representatives for initial feedback.
    4. Using the feedback received, staff will prepare a draft reply in the format requested by the Requester.
      1. Where appropriate, a draft of this response will be placed online in a standardized location such as the CORD Community webpage.
      2. Where appropriate, an e‐mail communication to the pertinent membership group will be sent, providing deadline dates for feedback. At minimum, one reminder will be sent to the pertinent membership group about the opportunity to provide feedback.
    5. After the deadline, staff will review the comments provided from members and incorporate the feedback or modify the document as needed.
    6. The revised document will be sent to the Committee Chair and/or Liaison, where appropriate, for approval.
    7. Where endorsement or organizational sign‐on or support is requested, the approved draft will be provided to the Executive Committee with a deadline for comment. This communication should include:
      1. The original communication from the Requester
      2. Any supporting documentation
      3. The approved draft
      4. Identification of the membership group that has had opportunity to respond/comment
    8. The final approved document should be forwarded to the Requester.
    9. A copy of the original communication from the Requester, any supporting document, proof of review comments, and the final approved document should be saved in the AOA system
    10. The approved document will be posted to the AOA Statements of Support webpage.