Survey Policy

The opportunity exists for individual AOA members and CORD member affiliates to submit survey requests on a quarterly basis for review by the AOA Survey Review Workgroup (CAC, LFC, and CIC Chairs).  The following is a schedule for submissions/reviews.

 Submissions Accepted  Review Period   Notification to Submitter   Distribution
 December 1 - 31  January 1 - 15  By January 31  By February 28
 March 1 - 28  April 1 - 15  By April 30  By May 15
 June 1 - 30  July 1 - 15  By July 31  By August 15
 September 1 - 30 October 1 - 15  By October 31  By November 15


Surveys must be related to the mission of the AOA.  Each quarter and based upon the above schedule, the review workgroup will approve one survey from received submissions for distribution to designated target audience (AOA members, CORD members, Emerging Leaders).


  1. Interested submitters fill out an application and submit to AOA with the final survey questions for review

  2. The application and the final, sample survey will be forwarded to the Survey Review Committee. 

  3. The Survey Review Committee will review all survey submissions for approval, rejection, or deferral.

    a.  An approved survey will be distributed according to the schedule above. There will be only one survey reminder sent by the AOA.  Data will be sent to the submitter at the completion of the designated response period.  A standard PDF and Excel document, generated from the AOA survey tool will be provided.  Staff will not perform any analysis and this will be a simple passthrough of data to the requester.

    b.  If a survey is refused, the individual will be notified of the decision.

    c.  The reviewers can deny a survey with the possibility for resubmission/reconsideration

  4. Survey applicants who have a survey administered by the AOA must sign license agreements and submit survey highlights to the AOA along with a short article for publication in AOA News or other AOA communication vehicle, at the AOA's sole discretion, within 90 days of the survey response deadline.  Such publication will be solely for educational purposes.  Submitters that do not provide data within 90 days will not be able to submit abstracts/symposia to the AOA Annual Meeting for three years and will not be allowed to submit survey requests in the future.

It is important to note the following

1. This policy is for individual members wishing to utilize the AOA member list, or subset thereof, to solicit member feedback on member developed surveys.  All approved surveys would be sent from the AOA with the AOA logo to identify it as an approved survey of the organization.

2. This policy does not preclude individual members from posting survey links on AOA discussion forums. CORD members may survey each other through the CORD Exchange for at-will participation. Note: The AOA is not responsible for communicating, analyzing, or promoting surveys distributed by individual members via the CORD Exchange or other AOA discussion forum.  Individuals utilizing the Forums in this manner will be encouraged to share results with CORD members on the Exchange and asked to write something for the CORD section of the website as a resource.

Survey Application

Download and complete a survey request application below.