Statements of Support

The American Orthopaedic Association has provided endorsements and signed statements of support over the last two years as follows:

Delaying USMLE Step 1 Timing (April 2019)
Sections I-V of the Common Program Requirements (Residency) and Common Program Requirements (Fellowship) (March 2018)
OTA white paper, Proposed Changes to Federal Models and Performance Measures for Proximal Femoral Fracture Treatment in the Elderly (June 2017)
ACGME Common Program Requirements, Section IV: The Learning and Working Environment (November 2016)
ACGME Common Program Requirements, Phase 2 (October 2016)
National Surgical Patient Safety Summit Statement on Surgical Patient Safety (September 2016)
NSPSS Sign-On List
(Adobe PDF File)
ACGME Proposed Revision, Regulation of Faculty Development Activities (August 2016)