Gifts Made In Tribute

The AOA is pleased to acknowledge the individuals who have been celebrated and recognized with a tribute gift made in their name including “In Honor” of, “Pillar of the Orthopaedic Profession”, and “In Memory” of. Tributes were made June 1, 2015 – January 13, 2019.

In Honor

The following individuals were honored with a gift made in their name.

Behrooz Akbarnia, MD
    - Carl R. Wirth, MD, FAOA

Dr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Black
    - C. McCollister Evarts, MD, FAOA
William P. Bunnell, MD
    - Gary Botimer, MD, FAOA
Dr. Andrew D. Bunta
    - Kyle J. Jeray, MD, FAOA

S. Terry Canale, MD, FAOA
    - Dr. Owen & Margaret Tabor, Sr.

G. Paul DeRosa, MD, FAOA
    - Shepard R. Hurwitz,MD, FAOA

Sanford E. Emery, MD, MBA, FAOA
    - Dr. Gregory & Dana Carlson

C. McCollister Evarts, MD, FAOA
    - Dr. Todd & Barbara Albert
    - April D. Armstrong, MD, FRCSC, FAOA & Mark Hubbard
    - Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Armstrong
    - Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Rebecca Aynardi
    - Jesse E. Bible, MD, MHS

    - Charles M. Davis, III, MD, PhD, FAOA
    - Aman Dhawan, MD, FAOA
    - Drs. John & Walaa Elfar

    - Sanford E. Emery, MD, MBA, FAOA
    - Gary E. Friedlaender, MD, FAOA
    - Robert Gallo, MD
    - Matthew R. Garner, MD
    - John P. Heiner, MD
    - Dr. & Mrs. Paul Juliano
    - Scott Lynch, MD, FAOA
    - Mark Mason, MD, FAOA

    - Kenneth F. Taylor, Jr., MD, FAOA

J. Leonard Goldner
    - L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS, FAOA

Stanley Hoppenfeld, MD, FAOA
    - John Feagin, Jr., MD, FAOA

Frederick N. Meyer, MD
    - S. Elizabeth Ames, MD, FAOA

Fredrick C. Redfern, MD, FAOA
    - William O. Brackney
    - Andy Gabel

Michael F. Schafer, MD
    - Andrew D. Bunta, MD, FAOA

Michael A. Simon, MD, FAOA
    - Arun Aneja, MD
    - Samer Attar, MD, FAOA
    - Raffi S. Avedian, MD, FAOA

    - Tessa Balach, MD, FAOA
    - Ryan A. Durfee, MD
    - Patrick J. Getty, MD, FAOA
    - Parker Gibbs, MD, FAOA
    - David Greenberg, MD
    - Jared L. Harwood, MD, MBA
    - Rex C. Haydon, MD, PhD, FAOA
    - Robert Kurt Heck, Jr., MD, FAOA
    - David M. King, MD, FAOA
    - Valerae O. Lewis, MD, FAOA
    - Hue H. Luu, MD, FAOA
    - David Monson, MD

    - Drew D. Moore, MD
    - Richard W. Nicholas, MD, FAOA
    - Shervin V. Oskouei, MD
    - Francis Patterson, MD
    - Terrance D. Peabody, MD, FAOA
    - Scott E. Porter, MD, MBA, FACS, FAOA
    - Andre R. Spiguel, MD

    - Robert Steffner, MD
    - L. Daniel Wurtz, MD

Dr. Louis Soslowsky
    - Joseph Bernstein, MD, FAOA

Richard Tashjian
    - Richard Tashjian

James Urbaniak, MD, FAOA
    - L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS, FAOA
    - Dean C. Taylor, MD, FAOA

Stuart L. Weinstein, MD, FAOA
    - Robert A. Hart, MD, FAOA

Thomas E. Whitesides, Jr., MD, FAOA
    - John G. Heller, MD, FAOA

Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD, FAOA
    - Kenneth J. Koval, MD, FAOA
    - Evan L. Flatow, MD, FAOA

In Memory

The following gifts were made in memory and celebration of the following individuals. 

Hanes H. Brindley, Sr., MD
    - George W. Brindley, MD, FAOA

Joseph Buckwalter
    - Dr. Joseph Addison Buckwalter, IV & Kathleen Coen Buckwalter

Crawford Campbell, MD
    - Carl R. Wirth, MD, FAOA

Dr. George Chambers
    - John H. Bowker, MD, FAOA

Hugh P. Chandler, MD
    - Betsy Mccombs

William F. Enneking, MD
    - Scott D. Weiner, MD, FAOA

Michael Freeman, MD, FRCS, FAOA
    - Dr. Harlan & Patti Amstutz

Jorge O. Galante, MD, DMSc, FAOA
    - Joshua J. Jacobs, MD, FAOA

J. Leonard Goldner, MD
    - David E. Attarian, MD, FACS, FAOA

Professor Daiji Kashiwagi, MD
    - John G. Heller, MD, FAOA

Frederick N. Meyer, MD
    - David Hakbum Kim, MD, FAOA

Dr. Dayton Riddle
    - Edward W. Bray, MD, FAOA

Frank H. Stelling, III
    - Edward W. Bray, III, MD, FAOA

Frank E. Stinchfield, MD
    - John R. Denton, MD, FAOA