AOA Membership

Since its founding in 1887, what's made The American Orthopaedic Association special are its members and their impact on orthopaedics and the musculoskeletal community. 

Through its elected members
, the AOA members focus on critical, leadership, and academic issues facing orthopaedics. 

The AOA also looks inward, challenging each member of the community to make individual contributions to assist the organization in delivering on its mission.

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The Meaning of Membership

As a member of the world's oldest and most prestigious orthopaedic association, members may access a myriad of opportunities to contribute to the orthopaedic community.

Each member benefits when s/he contributes to the AOA, by building resources for peers and contributing to the ongoing achievement of the organization. 

One of the greatest benefits of being an AOA member is the opportunity to mine other leaders for knowledge, experiences and resources.

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