Resident Skills Course


  • The company can only hold the skills course Monday, June 20.

  • The company is responsible for all arrangements (i.e. contracting with the site, arranging for food and beverage, AV, and other logistics), faculty, etc.

  • The company agrees to identify an orthopaedic surgeon to serve as course director.

  • AOA is not responsible for “selling” the symposium. AOA will directly send out a communication/invitation, on behalf of the supporting company, to Resident Leadership Forum attendees/nominees at the supporting company’s expense. This solicitation can also include distribution to local residents through Program Leadership (Program Director/Department Chair).

  • Registration for the Skills Course will be managed by the AOA. AOA will share a list of registrants (name and institution) for planning purposes with the supporting company. Note: AOA will not directly provide contact information (telephone/e-mail) to the company without the advanced permission of the resident/attendee.

  • Content of the invitation/communication needs to be approved, in advance of finalization, by the Resident Leadership Forum Chair and Executive Director.

  • Resident Leadership Forum attendee participation in skills course will be encouraged, but AOA cannot make it mandatory.

  • If interested in targeting a certain subspecialty, AOA can help identify the subset of Resident Leadership Forum attendees or Emerging Leaders that best fit your target audience.

  • Note Sunshine Act reporting requirements may apply, if expanding beyond the RLF to include individuals participating in the AOA’s Emerging Leaders Program who are already in practice
  • Support in the amount of $75,000 or $100,000 for one or two sessions respectively is required upon election/acceptance of the skills course, based upon the requirements and benefits described above.