Signature Programs & Critical Issues

The AOA equips orthopaedic surgeons with knowledge and skills necessary to lead effectively in the ever-changing landscape of the health care environment. Through its diverse constituency of orthopaedic leaders, the AOA focuses on leadership, academic, and critical issues associated with the specialty.

Signature programs include:

Mission Statement

Engaging the orthopaedic community to develop leaders, strategies, and resources to guide the future of musculoskeletal care. 

Our Vision

AOA will inspire the orthopaedic community to excellence through leadership.

Goals & Objectives 

  • Identifying Leaders
  • Developing and enhancing competency of orthopaedic leadership
  • Confronting the most relevant issues facing orthopaedics
  • Recognizing leadership and accomplishments
  • Work to be identified as the organization of Academic Leaders
  • Achieve organizational efficiency

Core Values


AOA is an organization that values the competency of its leaders in all facets: personal, professional, civic, and academic. The AOA is committed to meeting the responsibilities of leadership through unselfish and responsible motivation.



AOA embraces professionalism at every level in the organization; members, volunteers and association management. AOA aspires to enhance dignity and professionalism in orthopaedics and daily life.


AOA is a Community of Leaders comprised of individuals committed to each other and the specialty through intellectual exchange--sharing, collaborating and creating.


AOA seeks to transcend subspecialties and to unify orthopaedic leaders as the specialty evolves.