Please join us in honoring the AOA’s Lifetime Giving Donors.

Transformational Virgil P Gibney Society
Dr. Scott & Mary Boden
C. McCollister Evarts, MD, FAOA
Vincent D. Pellegrini, Jr., MD, FAOA & Nancy B. Pellegrini

Visionaries ($500,000-$999,999)

Champions ($250,000-$499,999)
Dr. Mike & Barbara Simon

Innovators ($100,000-$249,999)
Dr. Todd & Barbara Albert
Dr. Kevin P. Black and Maria Hamilton
Dr. John J. & Kim Callaghan
Sanford E. Emery, MD, MBA, FAOA & Gwen A. Emery, MD
Charles A. Rockwood, Jr., MD, FAOA
Peter J. Stern, MD, FAOA
Dr. Rick & Lana Wright

Ambassadors ($50,000-$99,999)
April D. Armstrong, MD, FRCSC, FAOA & Mark Hubbard
Arthur & Martha Pappas Foundation
David C. Ayers, MD, FAOA
John A. Bergfeld, MD, FAOA
Dr. Louis U. Bigliani & Dr. Anne B. Krementz
Dr. Jonathan & Stephanie Braman
Dr. Gregory & Dana Carlson
Dr. Michael & Elizabeth Chapman
Dr. Richard J. & Karen D’Ascoli
Gregory J. Della Rocca, MD, PhD, FACS, FAOA
Dr. George & Martha Dyer
Drs. James & Roberta Ficke
Dr. Evan & Karen Flatow
Dr. Steven L. & Lisa K. Frick
Richard J. Friedman, MD, FRCSC, FAOA
Dr. Kevin & Janette Garvin
Dr. Alexander & Patrice Ghanayem
Edward N. Hanley, Jr., MD, FAOA
Dr. Christopher & Cynthia Harner
Dr. Bill & Nan Harris
Rex C. Haydon, MD, PhD, FAOA & Maria Lozada, PhD
John G. Heller, MD, FAOA
Alan S. Hilibrand, MD, FAOA
Hospital for Special Surgery
Serena S. Hu, MD, FAOA
Kyle J. Jeray, MD, FAOA
Dr. Stephen & Amy Kates
Dr. Keith & Patty Kenter
Dr. William Levine & Jill Konviser-Levine
Dr. Terry & Hollis Light
Dr. Douglas W. & Peggy Lundy
Dr. J. Lawrence & Linda Marsh
Samir Mehta, MD, FAOA
Drs. Anna N. Miller & Greg Lee
Dr. Justin & Lindsay Miller
Dr. Bernard & Carla Morrey
Dr. Bill & Emily Moutzouros
Dr. Frank R. & Mrs. JoAnne Noyes
NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases
Dr. Regis J. & Carol O’Keefe
Dr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Parsons, III
Dr. Terry & Jane Peabody
Drs. David W. & Shirley M. Polly
Drs. Walter & Julie Samora
Roy W. Sanders, MD, FAOA
John F. Sarwark, MD, FAOA
Dr. Thomas and Cynthia Sculco
Dr. Wayne & Michele Sebastianelli
Dan M. Spengler, MD, FAOA
Dr. Eric & Stacey Strauss
Dr. Marc & Beth Swiontkowski
Dr. Steven & Susan Theiss
Paul Tornetta, III, MD, FAOA
James R. Urbaniak, MD, FAOA
Dr. Ann E. Van Heest & Greg Van Heest
Dr. Jeffrey & Christina Wang
Dr. Stuart L. & Lynn Weinstein
Dr. Thomas & Tammy Wright
Dr. Michael J. & Karen Yaszemski

Leaders ($30,000-$49,999)
Howard S. An, MD
The William Hennrikus Family
John D. Lubahn, MD, FAOA
Dr. Gregory A. & Madelyn A. Mencio
Dr. Robert & Charlee Sterling

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Lifetime Giving

This special set of donors have cumulated contributions of $30,000 or more committed directly to the AOA. This includes OREF Designated giving where the AOA is the recipient and received the funds directly.

Thank you to these individuals who have unfailingly demonstrated financial commitment to the AOA and its programs, year in and year out.