The AOA is guided by the vision and activities of its committees. Each year, AOA members are asked for their interest in serving on a committee or taskforce.

Sets the Strategic Vision for the organization and ensures appropriate resources.

Term: 3-year appointments through standard process; exception is Nominating committee which is a 1-year term, and Bylaws which is addressed by the Secretary with proposed changes considered directly by the Executive committee.**

**Modification of the Bylaws required.


The Bylaws Subcommittee continually reassesses the AOA Bylaws in terms of the changing needs of the Association and reviews and recommends changes to the Bylaws as needed.


Assume full responsibility for membership issues in the AOA. Review/analyze current membership grading criteria to see if it appropriately evaluates private practice leaders. Review membership categories, definition/criteria – recommend changes/clarification if necessary. Solicit nominations of qualified individuals for Active, Associate, Affiliate, Honorary, or Corresponding Members from Active or Senior Members.


Determine/propose Slate for Board of Directors approval (per Board policy) and election by membership at
Annual Meeting.


Develop long-term financial plan/objectives for funding of strategic plan. Assist and work in concert with the Treasurer. Prepare an annual budget in conjunction with staff for the next fiscal year for presentation and approval by the Executive Committee. Receive and review the Annual Report of the auditors.

Takes strategic direction set by Board and codifies into actionable goals with attached metrics; tracks progress over time.

Term: 3-year appointments through standard process.


Assess the current and future needs/requirements of the academic orthopaedic community. Evaluate, recommend, and oversee all AOA academic initiatives.

Critical Issues/Educational Programming

Confront the most relevant issues facing orthopaedics. Develop liaison relationships with external organizations relevant to critical issues addressed by the Committee; establish reporting mechanisms (ex. JBJS, APP organizations, etc.). Design and deliver all Annual Meeting programming. Includes working with sister societies in years of a Combined Meeting (COA) or to meet the requirements for a COMOC meeting.

Development/Donor Support

Identify, develop, and implement individual giving fundraising activities. Represent the AOA to the membership and other, identified, potential donors to cultivate support for the AOA. Create a culture of giving within the AOA with the AOA membership and others who benefit from AOA programs and products.


Responsible for overall AOA Leadership development, Fellowships, and Young Leaders activities. Identify Taskforce project needs and manage the work of appointed/approved Taskforces to ensure activities and programs are in alignment with AOA strategic objectives, advance the work of the Committee, and are achieving outlined tasks on time and according to determined budget. Evaluate value of leadership development programs with reference to strategic objectives. Recommend areas for improvement or elimination. Strategically plans new programs to meet identified needs of members and non-members.

Own the Bone

Responsible for ongoing review of program structure and components in order to grow and promote implementation of Own the Bone in hospitals and practice groups across the United States.

These less formal groups engage members directly in the creation of program development and delivery. Projects are of limited scope & variable duration (typically less than one year) based on purpose.

Term: Defined per project need; appointments made by Taskforce Chair

Work is accomplished by call only unless the group decides to informally meet in person.

  • CORD/Academics
  • Webinars
  • Conference Planning
  • Resources/Tools
  • Department Leadership Forums
  • Critical Issues/Educational Programming
  • Annual Meeting
  • Roundtables
  • Posters
  • Publications
  • Leadership
  • Awards
  • Regional Programs
  • Fellowships
  • Young Leaders Program/Initiatives
  • Own the Bone
  • Publications
  • Epic/Registry Research Group
  • Strategic Alliances