The AOA is proud to recognize the alumni of the AOA | USC Leadership Certificate Program.

  • Shahryar Ahmadi, MD, FAOA
    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • April D. Armstrong, MD, FRCSC, FAOA
    Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
  • Matthew Dean Beal, MD, FAOA
    Northwestern University
  • Aaron Buckland, MD
    NYU Langone Medical Center
  • Gregory Byrd, MD
    Olympia Orthopaedic Associates
  • Wayne Wayfu Chan, MD, PhD
    University of Massachusetts
  • Sheila A. Conway, MD, FAOA
    University of Miami Hospital
  • Nicola A. DeAngelis, MD, FAOA
    University of Massachusetts
  • Mark Drakos, MD
    Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Peter Ferguson, MD, FRCSC, FAOA
    University of Toronto
  • Adolph Samuel Flemister, Jr., MD, FAOA
    University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Duretti Fufa, MD, FAOA
    Hospital for Special Surgery/Cornell Medical Center
  • Joshua L. Gary, MD, FAOA
    McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston
  • Joseph J. Hoegler, MD, FAOA
    Henry Ford Health System
  • James Holmes, MD, FAOA
    University of Michigan
  • Utku Kandemir, MD
    University of California San Francisco
  • James A. Keeney, MD, FAOA
    University of Missouri – Columbia
  • Todd C. Kelley, MD, FAOA
    University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  • Sandra E. Klein, MD, FAOA
    Washington University
  • Jeffrey E. Martus, MD, FAOA
    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Amir Matityahu, MD
    University of California, San Francisco
  • Edward B. McDonough, MD, FAOA
    West Virginia University
  • Edward J. McPherson, MD, FAOA
    LA Orthopedic Institute
  • Theodore Miclau, III, MD, FAOA*
    University of California-San Francisco
  • Anna N. Miller, MD, FAOA
    Washington University/Barnes-Jewish Hospital
  • Carol D. Morris, MD, MS
    Johns Hopkins
  • Vasilios Moutzouros, MD, FAOA
    Henry Ford Hospital
  • Brian J. Neuman, MD, FAOA
    Johns Hopkins University
  • Mary I. O’Connor, MD, FAOA*
    Vori Health
  • Theodore W. Parsons, III, MD, FACS, FAOA*
    Henry Ford Health System
  • Afshin E. Razi, MD, FAOA
    Maimonides Medical Center
  • Regis Renard, MD
    University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • E. Peter Sabonghy, MD, FAOA
    Ironman Sports Medicine Institute
  • Julie Samora, MD, PhD, MPH, FAOA
    Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Jeffrey R. Sawyer, MD, FAOA
    Campbell Clinic
  • Joseph M. Schwab, MD, FAOA
    Medical College of Wisconsin
  • James Slover, MD, FAOA
    NYU Langone Medical Center
  • Emily Wagstrom, MD
    Hennepin County Medical Center
  • Lee M. Zuckerman, MD, FAOA
    Loma Linda University Medical Center

*Denotes 2019 APEX Ambassador

  • Dirk H. Alander, MD, MHA, FAOA
    Geisinger Health
  • Derek Amanatullah, MD, PhD
    Stanford University
  • Ferhan A. Asghar, MD, FAOA
    University of Cincinnati Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Trevor Banka, MD
    Henry Ford Hospital
  • Hany Bedair, MD, FAOA
    Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Kathleen S. Beebe, MD, FAOA
    Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School
  • Mark J. Berkowitz, MD
    Cleveland Clinic
  • Christine B. Caltoum, MD, FAOA
    Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Mihir J. Desai, MD, FAOA
    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Matthew R. DiCaprio, MD, FAOA
    Albany Medical Center
  • Jonathan Dickens, MD, FAOA
    National Capital Consortium
  • Gregory K. Faucher, MD
    Union Memorial Hospital
  • Chancellor F. Gray, MD, FAOA
    University of Florida – Gainesville
  • S. Trent Guthrie, MD, FAOA
    Henry Ford Hospital
  • Matthew Stewart Hepinstall, MD, FAOA
    NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital
  • Joseph J. Hoegler, MD, FAOA*
    Henry Ford Health System
  • Serena S. Hu, MD, FAOA
    Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Paul Jeffords, MD
    Resurgens Orthopaedics
  • Marci Dara Jones, MD, FAOA
    University of Massachusetts
  • William Kurtz, MD
    Cleveland Clinic Akron General
  • David E. Lazarus, MD
    Greenville Health System
  • G. Ying Li, MD
    University of Michigan
  • Eric Lindvall, DO, MSHPE, FAOA
    University of California San Francisco, Fresno
  • Jason Lowe, MD, FAOA
    Banner Health
  • David W. Manning, Jr., MD, FAOA
    Northwestern University
  • David F. Martin, MD, FAOA*
    American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Addisu Mesfin, MD, FAOA
    University of Rochester
  • Toni M. McLaurin, MD, FAOA
    New York University School of Medicine/ NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital
  • Claude T. Moorman, III, MD, FAOA
    Atrium Health
  • Michael T. Mulligan, MD, FAOA
    Albany Medical College
  • Kevin D. Plancher, MD, MPH, FACS, FAOA
    Plancher Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, PLLC
  • Sheena C. Ranade, MD
    Mount Sinai Health System
  • Afshin E. Razi, MD, FAOA*
    Maimonides Medical Center
  • Marc R. Safran, MD, FAOA
    Stanford University
  • J. Milo Sewards, MD, FAOA
    Temple University School of Medicine
  • Babar Shafiq, MD
    Johns Hopkins University
  • Lewis L. Shi, MD
    University of Chicago
  • Michael Sirkin, MD, FAOA
  • Brian G. Smith, MD, FAOA
    Texas Children’s Hospital
  • Robert Steffner, MD, FAOA
    Stanford University
  • Channing Tassone, MD, FAOA
    Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Roland H. Winter, MD, FAOA
    Alpine Orthopaedic Medical Group & Spine Center

* Denotes the 2020 AOA | USC APEX Ambassadors

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