The Council of Orthopaedic Residency Directors (CORD) Conferences

CORD hosts two conferences a year: one in March and one in June.

2022 Spring CORD Conference

2022 Spring CORD Agenda

The 2022 Spring CORD Conference took place at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Regency AB & Corridor, Chicago, Illinois on Friday, March 25, 2022

Theme: Assessments in Education: Subjective vs Objective.

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2022 Summer CORD Conference and PEAL Forum

The 2022 Summer CORD Conference and Program Education, Accreditation, and Leadership (PEAL) Forum will take place at the ​​​​​​Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI on Friday, June 17 through Saturday, June 18, 2022. Registration is now open for both events.

2022 Summer CORD Conference Agenda
Theme: Recruiting and Retention Across the Educational Continuum

2022 Program Education, Accreditation, and Leadership (PEAL) Forum Agenda
Faculty Development Short Course



2022 Summer CORD Conference
Theme: Recruiting and Retention Across the Educational Continuum

June 17 – 18, 2022
Providence, Rhode Island

FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2022 (Eastern Time) – DAY ONE

3:30pm – 3:35pm           OPENING REMARKS

Tessa Balach, MD, FAOA, 2022 CORD Conference Co-Program Chair, University of Chicago
Mary K. Mulcahey, MD, FAOA, 2022 CORD Conference Co-Program Chair, Tulane University

3:35pm – 4:15pm           MICHAEL A. SIMON CORD LECTURER

Resilience on the Fly:  What the Most Resilient of Us Know and Do
Maria Sirois, Psy.D., Positive Psychologist and Author

4:15pm – 4:25pm           Q&A

4:25pm – 5:05pm           SYMPOSIUM I: MEDICAL STUDENTS

Moderator: Michael W. Kessler, MD, MPH, FAOA, Medstar Health/Georgetown University Hospital

  • Early Exposure to Orthopaedics – Alicia Harrison, MD, FAOA, University of Minnesota
  • Under-supported Medical Students: How to Help – William A. Ross, MD, Nth Dimensions
  • Research Years: Who Should Be Doing Them and Why? – Eric J. Strauss, MD, FAOA, New York University School of Medicine/NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital
  • Coaching MS4s – Augustus D. Mazzocca, MD, FAOA, University of Connecticut

5:05pm – 5:15pm           Q&A

5:15pm – 5:25pm           BREAK

5:25pm – 5:40pm           Reporting from the RLF/CORD Collaboration – George Dyer, MD, FAOA, Harvard Medical School

5:40pm – 5:45pm           Q&A

5:45pm – 5:55pm           ACGME UPDATE – Corey J. Parker, MPA, ACGME

5:55pm – 6:05pm           ABOS UPDATE – Lisa A. Taitsman, MD, FAOA, Chair ABOS GME Committee

6:05pm – 6:15pm           JBJS UPDATE – Marc F. Swiontkowski, MD, FAOA, Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 

6:15pm – 6:30pm           Q&A/DISCUSSION

6:30pm                             ADJOURN



9:00am – 9:05am            OPENING REMARKS

9:05am – 9:50am            SYMPOSIUM II: RESIDENTS

Moderator: Daniel G. Kang, MD, Madigan Army Medical Center

  • Tracking Progress: Do We Have All the Tools? – Jason Strelzow, MD, University of Chicago
  • Coaching and Mentoring – Milo Sewards, MD, FAOA, Temple University Hospital
  • Getting Residents Back on Track – Kathleen Beebe, MD, FAOA, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
  • Helping Great Residents Exceed Expectations – MaCalus V. Hogan, MD, MBA, FAOA, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

9:50am – 10:05am          Q&A


Moderator: Marcus P. Coe, MD, MS, FAOA, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

10:30am – 10:40am       Q&A


Moderator: Ericka Lawler, MD, FAOA, University of Iowa

  • Mentoring in Career Development – Ann E. Van Heest, MD, FAOA, University of Minnesota
  • Career Coaches – Matthew C. Sardelli, MD, McLaren-Flint Michigan State University Affiliated
  • Early Career Wellness and Well-Being – Craig P. Eberson, MD, FAOA, Brown University

11:15am – 11:25am       Q&A

11:25am – 11:30am       CLOSING REMARKS

11:30am                          ADJOURN

Program Education, Accreditation, and Leadership (PEAL) Forum
Friday, June 17, 2022
1:45pm – 3:15pm Eastern
Providence, Rhode Island

Faculty Development Short Course

Program Chair: Ginger E. Holt, MD, FAOA

For new program directors, associate program directors, osteopathic program directors, general faculty, and anyone interested in or involved with resident education, this course provides education to satisfy fundamental faculty development needs. The course runs on a three-year cycle, designed to follow the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) competency template of Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviors. One of these three elements will be covered annually in each short course, so that it will be comprehensive over three years. For 2022, the theme is Knowledge.


  1. Participants will become familiar with current concepts in adult learning of didactic knowledge.
  2. Participants will see how those concepts can be applied in their training programs, including tips and tricks on how to update their faculty’s teaching materials.
  3. The course will explore these objectives in the context of current knowledge assessment mechanisms — OITE and ABOS exams.



1:45pm               INTRODUCTION – Ginger E. Holt, MD, FAOA, Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

1:50pm               Current Concepts in Adult Learning: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks – Robert J. Esther, MD, FAOA, University of North Carolina

2:15pm               Updating Teaching Materials and Tools: Making the Old New Again – Raffi Avedian, MD, FAOA, Stanford University

2:40pm               Preparing for Current Knowledge Assessment: OITE and ABOS exams – Derek Moore, MD, Santa Barbara Orthopedic Associates

3:05pm               Q&A

3:15pm               ADJOURN

Future CORD Conferences

2023 Spring CORD Conference
March 2023
AAOS Annual Meeting
Las Vegas, NV
2023 Summer CORD Conference
June 2023
AOA Annual Leadership Meeting
Salt Lake City, UT
2024 Spring CORD Conference
February 16, 2024
AAOS Annual Meeting
San Francisco, CA