Any gift made to the AOA may also be a fitting tribute to a colleague, friend, and/or loved one. When a tribute is received, the AOA immediately thanks the donor and informs the honoree, or any other person the donor wishes to be notified. Your tribute is noted on the donor recognition page.

Honor a Pillar of the Orthopaedic Profession

The AOA offers an opportunity to formally honor and champion a Fellow of the American Orthopaedic Association (FAOA) for their leadership and teaching of faculty/professional partners, fellows, and residents. This well-recognized honor is an opportunity for colleagues, mentees, and other leaders to formally recognize significant contributions.

To honor a Pillar of the Orthopaedic Profession, donor groups work together to make a commitment of new gifts of cash, stock, or pledges totaling a minimum of $75,000 by March 31 of each year for June AOA Annual Meeting recognition.

If you’d like to honor your mentor or colleague (who must be/have been, a FAOA), please:

  • Notify the AOA of intention to nominate a person by January 15 annually
  • You will then serve as Champion of this effort, by:
    • Serving as the lead to identify and cultivate gifts from others whom the honored leader has mentored or otherwise impacted in a positive or meaningful way.
      • For example, current or past faculty, partners, fellows, and residents may be part of the donor group supporting the honored orthopaedic leader
    • Making a new suggested personal minimum donation/pledge of $5,000 towards the $75,000 threshold.
  • If funds/commitments are not received in full by March 31, then donations will roll forward for recognition at a subsequent AOA Annual Leadership Meeting.
  • The AOA will work with the Champion to initiate and encourage and collect donations in support of the PIllar effort.

If you would like to make a gift to honor a Pillar of the Orthopaedic Profession, you may make an online donation (click on Donate Now below), or complete a Multi-Year Pledge Form, or complete a One Time Donation Form. 

Donate Now

Pillar Honoree will receive privileges and recognition, including:

  • Pillar Honoree will be notified of the award once the minimum giving threshold has been reached.
  • Pillar Honoree will be recognized during the AOA’s Annual Leadership Meeting. This will add to the cachet of their reputation.
  • Once the Pillar Honoree is acknowledged as an AOA Pillar of the Orthopaedic Profession, the recognition remains in perpetuity.

The Pillar Honoree and one guest will receive complimentary registration for the following events in the year of recognition:

  • Annual Leadership Meeting
  • All Member Social Events during the Annual Leadership Meeting
  • C. McCollister Evarts Resident Leadership Forum and Emerging Leaders Forum receptions during the Annual Leadership Meetings
  • Additionally, the honoree and one guest will be invited to attend the Presidents Dinner and Reception.

For more information, please contact Ann O’Neill, Development Manager via email ( or by phone at (847) 318-7490.

In Honor

A gift in support of the AOA’s signature programs make a thoughtful gift to help celebrate a birthday, anniversary, holiday, achievement, and/or special occasionMake a gift in honor, or complete a Multi-Year Pledge Form, or complete a One Time Donation Form.

In Memory

A gift in support of the AOA’s signature programs can help you remember the impact of a special mentor, friend or colleagueMake a gift in memory, or complete a Multi-Year Pledge Form, or complete a One Time Donation Form.