It is the AOA’s policy that membership is by invitation only. After the AOA annual meeting, a membership invitation window opens and lasts through the beginning of September. During this time, AOA Active and Emeritus members are invited to sponsor (nominate) up to three candidates for membership annually. Each candidate must be nominated, then seconded by at least one additional AOA Active or Emeritus member. Items requested from sponsors are a letter of support from each sponsor (at least one sponsor must be from outside of candidates’ institution or practice) and a completed nomination form. Upon receipt of the nomination form and letters of support, the AOA staff will contact the candidate to request that the online candidate profile and a CV be completed and submitted to the AOA.

Once the nomination deadline has closed, nominations are then distributed to the AOA Membership Committee for review. The membership committee will meet in Rosemont during the November committee meetings to discuss the candidates nominated. During these discussions, the Membership Committee selects the candidates to be presented on the Online Candidate Member Review Process (see below).

After the results from the review are tallied, the results are forwarded to the Membership Committee to review and prepare for discussion at the Membership Committee meeting in June. It is during this meeting that the Membership Committee selects the members they wish to bring forth into full membership. The Membership Committee then brings forth the list of candidates (slate) to the Executive Committee for the Executive Committee’s approval. Once the Executive Committee approves the slate of names, it goes before the membership to be voted upon for final approval during the Business Meeting at the AOA Annual Meeting. It is at that time the approved slate of candidates is accepted into membership.

Candidate Member Review Process Policy

It is the policy of the AOA to provide its membership a listing of membership candidates for review annually prior to the final review of the Membership Committee. This list is provided online as the Candidate Member Review Process. The Candidate Member Review Process shall be available to all Active, Emeritus, Senior, Affiliate, and Associate members after the November Membership Committee Meeting, but prior to the vote at the Business Meeting of the Members at the AOA Annual Meeting.

The Candidate Member Review Process is available electronically from the member’s only section of the AOA website. The Candidate Member Review Process will supply information on candidates, such as candidate name, city and state, and names of two AOA member sponsors.  There will be a polling mechanism in place where AOA members can rate each candidate and submit written comments to the Membership Committee. This online process provides members the capability to view a mini-biography of each candidate by clicking on their names.

The Candidate Member Review Process is confidential and will be completely destroyed following final approval of the slate of candidates for membership at the Business Meeting of the Members at the AOA Annual Meeting.

Communication of Candidate Acceptance, Deferral or Rejection outside of the Membership Committee Policy

Neither the Membership Committee nor Executive Committee shall respond to inquiries, or otherwise discuss or disclose information regarding the approval, non-acceptance, or deferral of candidates, and shall not discuss or disclose any other information that comes before the committee during or as part of its review of member candidates.

Third-Party Submissions on a Candidate for Membership Policy

In connection with the Membership Committee Review, the Membership Committee shall not consider submissions or other information provided by third parties, and shall only consider submissions and information received from members in accordance with the bylaws and AOA policy. Any submissions or information submitted by third parties or otherwise inconsistent with the bylaws or AOA policy shall be given to the Executive Committee for review.

Revised March 2011