Thank You to Our Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for their gifts and pledge payments which directly benefit designated AOA programs.  This includes OREF Designated giving where the AOA is the recipient and received the funds directly.  The donor list below includes the names of donors who made gifts and pledge payments January 1 – April 30, 2024.

With such a select membership, each individual’s contributions to the specialty and to the AOA make a significant difference and impact upon the AOA’s ability to expand and enhance programming that benefits the orthopaedic community.

To make a contribution, click here for an online donation, or complete a Multi-Year Pledge Form, or complete a One Time Donation Form.

John G. Heller, MD, FAOA

Dr. Kevin & Mary Kirk

Dr. Mike & Barbara Simon

Richard Allen
Sushil Basra
Dr. Kevin P. Black and Maria Hamilton
Aaron Brandt, MD
Gregory J. Della Rocca, MD, PhD, MBA, FACS, FAOA

Kevin B. Fricka, MD
The William Hennrikus Family
Serena S. Hu, MD, FAOA
Choll Kim MD PhD
Steven Ludwig, MD, FAOA

Peter O. Newton, MD, FAOA
Vincent D. Pellegrini, Jr., MD, FAOA & Nancy B. Pellegrini
Dempsey S. Springfield, MD
Paul Justin Tortolani, MD

Reid A. Abrams, MD
Joseph F. Alderete, Jr., MD, FAOA
Tessa Balach, MD, FAOA
Robert Benz
James A. Blair, MD, FACS, FAOA
Christopher M. Bono, MD, FAOA
Marlene DeMaio, MD, FAOA
Aman Dhawan, MD, FAOA
Matthew J. Dietz, MD, FAOA
Christopher J. Dy, MD, MPH, FACS, FAOA
Dr. Daryll C. Dykes and Tracey Dykes
Robert Eastlack
Thomas J. Fischer, MD, FAOA
Jared Foran, MD
Brett A. Freedman, MD, FAOA
Robert August Gallo, MD, FAOA, MHA
Tad L. Gerlinger, MD, FAOA
Brian Giordano, MD, FAOA
Wade Gofton, MD, FRCSC, FAOA
Kirk Granlund
Trent Guthrie, MD, FAOA

Rex C. Haydon, MD, PhD, FAOA & Maria Lozada, PhD
Alan S. Hilibrand, MD, FAOA
Kenneth Hood
Andrew Indresano
Christopher Kauffman
Yogesh Kolwadkar
Joseph Kowalski, MD
Scott Kuiper
Jennifer Laine, MD, FAOA
Dawn LaPorte, MD, FAOA
Adam S. Levin, MD, FAOA
Dr. Terry & Hollis Light
Steven J. McAnany, MD
Michael McNamara, MD
Dr. Michael & Michelle Meese
Scott Meyer
Hassan R. Mir, MD, MBA, FACS, FAOA
Dev Mishra
Stephanie J. Muh, MD, FAOA
Robert J. Neviaser, MD, FAOA

William T. Obremskey, MD, FAOA
Craig M. Ono, MD, FAOA
Joseph R. Orchowski, MD, FAOA
Mark P. Pallis, DO, FAOA
Benjamin K. Potter, MD, FACS, FAOA
Ben Salari
Lew C. Schon, MD, FAOA
Alexandra K. Schwartz, MD
Dr. Robert & Charlee Sterling
Peter J. Stern, MD, FAOA
Cary R. Templin, MD
Creighton C. Tubb, MD, FAOA
Vidyadhar Upasani, MD, FAOA
Alexander R. Vaccaro, MD, FAOA
Brady T. Vibert, MD
Mark Wang, MD, PhD
Tracy Watson, MD, FAOA
Bruce Wheeler, MD
Philip Yuan
Vinko Zlomislic

Timothy S. Ackerman, DO, FAOA
Mark A. Adams, MD, FAOA
Paul M. Apyan, MD, FAOA
Neil Badlani
Judith F. Baumhauer, MD, FAOA, MPH
Craig Brenner
Susan Bukata, MD, FAOA
Xu Cao
R. Richard Coughlin, MD, FAOA
John R. Crockarell, Jr., MD, FAOA
Jean-Claude G. D’Alleyrand, MD, FAOA
Matthew R. DiCaprio, MD, FAOA
Sanford E. Emery, MD, MBA, FAOA & Gwen A. Emery, MD
Peter Ferguson, MD, FRCSC, FAOA
Rachel Y. Goldstein, MD, FAOA, MPH
Hilton P. Gottschalk, MD, FAOA
Christian Guier
Ranjan Gupta, MD, FAOA
Paul Herickhoff
Joseph J. Hoegler, MD, FAOA
Erin M. Honcharuk, MD
Jeannie Huh
James A. Hurt, III, MD, FAOA
Henry J. Iwinski, Jr., MD, FAOA
Alan L. Jones, MD, FAOA

Sanjeev Kakar, MD, FAOA
Seyed Kalantar
Spero G. Karas, MD, FAOA
Hubert T. Kim, MD, FAOA, PhD
Edward Kreusser
Joseph M. Lane, MD, FAOA
Lee R. Leddy, MD, FAOA
Carol A. Lin, MD, FAOA
Richard Lin
Michael Linn, MD
John F. Lovejoy, III, MD, FAOA
John D. Lubahn, MD, FAOA
Kathleen A. McHale, MD, FAOA
Sreenivasulu Metikala
Roberta Millard
Mehwish Moinuddin
James F. Mooney, III, MD, FAOA
Mary K. Mulcahey, MD, FAOA
Michael T. Mulligan, MD, FAOA
Sumon Nandi, MD, FAOA, MBA
Lukas M. Nystrom, MD, FAOA
Ryan O’Leary
Margaret L. Olmedo, MD, FAOA
Greg Osgood, MD, FAOA

E. Scott Paxton, MD, FAOA
Robert A. Pedowitz, MD, FAOA, PhD
Michael Pinzur, MD, FAOA
M. Lucius Pomerantz
Kim Reising
Lee H. Riley, III, MD, FAOA
Catherine M. Robertson, MD
Dane Salazar, MD, FAOA
Simon Schenk
Aimee Schimizzi
Nicole Schroeder, MD, FAOA
John G. Seiler, III, MD, FAOA
Jakub Sikora
Paul D. Sponseller, MD, FAOA
Gary W. Stewart, MD, FAOA
Daniel J. Stinner, MD, PhD, FAOA
Peter F. Sturm, MD, FAOA
Thomas Sullivan
Oliver Tannous
Bobby K.B. Tay, MD, FAOA
Mark Valente
Thomas F. Varecka, MD, FAOA
Samuel Ward
Jon J.P. Warner, MD, FAOA
Seth K. Williams, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Eric Yu

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